Councillor for the West Tamar

June, 2012

Letter to the Editor (Examiner) June 3rd 2012 (unpublished)

I find it interesting that when someone put their hand up and runs an argument counter to the current trend, they are accused of self-serving interest, as Geoff McLean accuses me of (Letters, June 2). If by self serving he means that I am willing to stand up publically and fight for the residents of […]


Letter to the Editor (Examiner) June 2nd 2012 (unpublished)

Nowhere in my letter did I suggest that council amalgamations were about one council taking over another, as Launceston Alderman Rob Soward accuses me of (Letters, June 1). I used his term of “forced amalgamations”. Nowhere in my letter did I assert that 29 councils were just right, we are talking about the 3 northern […]