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Media Release – Proposed Tamar River bridge in wrong location

Below is a full transcript of the Medial Release I sent out yesterday in regards to the proposed location of a Tamar River bridge. Thanks to Rosita Gallasch at the Examiner for picking it up.

“It is disappointing to see that the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Roads continues to propose a Tamar River bridge in a location that only benefits a few” says Cr Tim Woinarski.

The West Tamar councillor said today “The current proposed location, at the end of Forster Street then crossing the river to connect with the West Tamar Highway was first suggested in a Tamar Regional Road Study in 1992. By using this same location, DIER fails to take into account not only the significant population increase in the West Tamar over the past 22 years but also the population growth that will continue significantly above trend in the next 15-20 years, which has be highlighted with the West Tamar Council’s release of the Legana Structural Plan. There is simply going to be more traffic on the West Tamar Highway.”

“For the past number of years I have advocated for a bridge to be built across the river, with the Windsor Park access as the ideal position for the western point, which would then link directly to the East Tamar Highway on the other side of the river. This would alleviate the volumes of traffic that pass three schools and a supermarket by offering an alternative route into the CBD, allow for future road network connectivity and also link into the proposed Launceston traffic corridors” says Cr Woinarski.

Cr Woinarski said “A bridge across the Tamar River project should not re-direct trucks directly back into an existing heavy traffic area. There is now an opportunity for both the Launceston and West Tamar Councils to work together to achieve a much better outcome that could benefit more residents of the greater Launceston and Tamar Valley region.”

One Response to “Media Release – Proposed Tamar River bridge in wrong location”

  • Geoff Smedley says:

    I must agree with Tim Woinarski as that exact plan was put forward in 2004 but was way over the heads of local talent even though it had laid out with the help of the combined talents of truly professional engineers from both Great Briton and Singapore that had given time and advice with the layout of ‘The Lake Batman Proposal’ with one good friend spending time in Tasmania at that time to examine the problem first hand. It is rather cruel to see and hear the absolute tripe that flows from the many bodies claiming knowledge of the river when hearing the true knowledge from the mouth of of professionals in the field that are aware of modern techniques and have practical knowledge of the needs required. Bureaucracy and too many feeding at the trough has killed the Tamar River and it’s time for a clean out of the ‘driftwood’ that has been so destructive to Launceston’s river and its surrounds.

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