Councillor for the West Tamar

Beaconsfield Mine Shaft repatriation

West Tamar Council held a special meeting today to approve the go ahead for the repair of the Beaconsfield Mine Hart Shaft that as most of you would know failed during winter last year, resulting in the surrounding surface collapsing into the mine at the site of the failure which is around the 45m depth mark.

This failure has resulted in a significant degree of concern for Council and has seen the mine yard closed to public access due to ground subsidence making it dangerous to access. After a significant amount of consultation with experts in this field and numerous meetings with both State and Federal governments, the West Tamar Council today approved a repair plan which will see the shaft filled from the lowest most point (about 400m) to the 100m mark with a slurry of gravel. At the 100m point a 6m thick concrete plug will be poured to “cap” the hole. The depth of 100m was chosen as at this point the shaft is in solid hard rock and sandstone which will proved an unmoving support for the plug. The remainder of the shaft from this point up will then be back filled with the same gravel slurry, effectively closing the shaft and providing much needed support.

To get to this point has been a long and slow process which has resulted in significant amounts of information been analysed to get the best outcome. What we have now is the lowest risk approach with the highest probability of success.

I want to acknowledge the support of both the Federal and State governments in committing funds to assist Council to meet the expected cost of between $1.4 – $1.5 million. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and watch what happens over the coming weeks.


Thanks to the Examiner for the above image

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