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Craggy Ridges passes Council, and other meeting outcomes

A very positive day for the West Tamar Council at yesterdays November meeting. We finally received the planning application for the Craggy Ridge development in Grindelwald. It has been a long slow 18 months with more than its fair share of hold up, mostly due to State Government red tape, but we finally got there. It is fantastic to see a $100 Million development occurring in the Tamar Valley, we don’t see these type of things very often. Council gladly passed this application unanimously 8-0 and may I say, full credit to the proponent Mike Dean for sticking with it, fully consulting with the community, and despite much frustration, still believing in the project.

Another more controversial decision by Council was to reject a planning application for 5 units on two blocks in Butler Avenue, Riverside. These units were to be developed by Centa Care for affordable housing. There may be some recalcitrant individuals in the community who would argue that Council are snobs and rejected this development due to the “type of people” it would attract. That is simply not the case, we even approved a 20 lot development by the same applicant in the previous agenda item. The main reason Council reject this is that there is a significant number of multiple dwelling developments in the area, and as I argued, ” When is enough enough?” There is more than enough of this type of development in the area and any more would significantly detract from the amenity of those residents already there.

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  • mike dean says:

    Craggy Ridge finally get to get going! While it is fair to say it has been a very long and hard commitment by myself (22 year dream) and has personally cost me a lot financially and health wise, I have had lots of help from lots of people and I have personally found the West Tamar Council–officers and elected members on the whole very good to deal with, as with the State Liberal party and Kerry Finch has been great in his support from day one. Craggy Ridge is a complex, large project so while of course would not be easy or short in time, but for Tassie sake I do believe State and local Government could work more closely together on larger developments over say 10 million. I look forward to opening day. Congratulation to everyone who has helped get Craggy Ridge approval through–now the hard work begins. Mike Dean

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