What I stand for

Upgrading the West Tamar Highway
There is simply no argument that the West Tamar Highway needs further upgrades to carry the expected future traffic. With my position on Council, I will continue to work with the State Government to ensure that every effort is made to see that DIER focus on the West Tamar Highway for a future upgrade.

Safe Cycle Lanes
With the potential upgrade of the West Tamar Highway, as well as the planning of the Legana Structural Plan, I will use my position on Council to lobby for the inclusion of safe cycle lanes to ensure that cyclists are given a dedicated, safe area to ride, reducing their risk of being hit by a car on the highway.

Connecting West and East
With increased population in the West Tamar, we have seen significant increase in traffic flows, particularly along the West Tamar highway, increasing as you travel towards the city, and often resulting in a bottleneck at the bridge. Even though this issue is currently in the public domain, I intend to continue lobbying community and Government support for a new connector of the East and West Tamar.

Council Amalgamations
While I fully support resource sharing with neighbouring councils to achieve savings and improved efficiency, I am strongly opposed to any amalgamation of the West Tamar Council with another council. Residents in the West Tamar should not be forced to bear the brunt of excessive rate hikes to cover debt held by another council as a result of forced amalgamation. I believe that local councils are much better at delivering focused services to the community that larger bodies.

My anti-amalgamation stance is well documented in the media.

Councils should not be "for profit" organizations. While I realize that councils are bearing the brunt for more and more services in tough economic times, this only confirms my belief that rate increases must be fair and transparent.  Any increases in rates must be reflective of increased services and a return to the community. I am a big believer in "low cost per capita rates, low levels of Council debt" and my work during the preparation of Council budgets is proof of this.

Rubbish Collection
I do not support any move to increase rubbish collection in the municipality from fortnightly to weekly. This would incur added costs to residents rates charges, increases which I do not feel are necessary as fortnightly collection works well in the West Tamar. What I do support though is the addition of a third bin to the fortnightly collection for green waste (organic material).

An Advocate for Families
My wife and I have been married for over 16 years and we have two daughters. I believe in the need for access to local facilities and activities.  I continue to be a strong voice for families; what affects families in this community affects us all, and I act decisively to voice and address community issues that are raised with me.

A Supporter of Small Business
My wife and I own and operate the Grindelwald Kennels and Cattery boarding kennels in Grindelwald. I also own and operate Zichy1 Computer Solutions in the West Tamar. As a small business operator I continue to be a keen spokesman for small businesses in the West Tamar. I feel that my “coal face” experience in running my own businesses gives me the business background that is needed on council, and I shall continue to work hard to ensure that local business gets the support it needs from this council.

A Voice for the Youth of West Tamar
The skate parks that have been built in the municipality have been fantastic, but, not everyone skates. Through my role on the Recreation Development Unit I have worked to address shortcomings in recreational facilities for the youth of the West Tamar.

Medical Services
I am a strong voice for maintaining and improving existing services.  I am concerned that our increasing population and larger rural area needs to have better access to medical services as the population of the West Tamar grows, with a particular focus on prompt care for children and older citizens.

Independent Local Government
I do not support any political party push into local government. Local government is the last representation of the community by members of that community and should at no stage be subject to any political party policy.

Council need to continue to invest for future infrastructure needs, as I believe that the Tasmanian State Government will continue to pass on more and more infrastructure responsibility to Council.

I continue to work to ensure that these future needs are not met by placing the burden back on West Tamar resident via massive rate increases.

I support a positive and progressive community, where development, both residential and business, is encouraged, but not at the expense of this beautiful region that we currently enjoy, and I believe that my heavy involvement with the Legana Structural and Town Centre Plans highlights this.

The challenge is to avoid the West Tamar becoming a clone of every other regional area in Australia, something which I continually work towards in my role on Council.

Water Consumption
I still feel strongly about developing a water management strategy that includes measures to encourage residents of the West Tamar to install water tanks to capture water for garden and household use.

Renewable Energy Initiatives
Now is an ideal time for council to be investing in renewable energy initiatives, both at a council and residential level.